r--漢字 — 100+

@2100+ “Another possibility I see, is that at some point I deviate from my current procedure of learning to read and write every kanji and create a separate recognition only deck.”

… which is what I ended up doing in late January this year. So here’s the first checkpoint for recognition only kanji.

102 kanji, 95 words, 124 days(since the creation of the recognition only deck)

In part I add stuff I already know, whenever it comes to my mind. Like 喧嘩, 厨房, and 薔薇. But the bulk of the first 100 are from words I picked up while reading books—lots from 同時通訳はやめられない, like 顰蹙, 醍醐味, and 憔悴.

Observations from using a recognition only deck so far:

  • I think I got more vigilant with actually looking up words I can’t read that I come across, instead of just deducing blanks from context.
  • Awareness of kanji (components’) 音読み is bliss. I feel like I usually go from kanji parts to reading to meaning. For example, reading 恫喝 I spot and the right part of 1, at which point I know どうかつ which then leads me to the meaning.
    1) I’m aware of which would also help w/ e.g. 葛藤 but my brain always recalls the 渇 from 渇水.
  • I still haven’t tackled names yet. I’m considering to just add some cards for the most common readings of the most common names and maybe some well known people.

So yeah … multi track drifting deck kanji’ing. I’d be surprised if there weren’t more updates to come in the future.