A week on Tarek Central Time

Because of reasons I came from a two week stay in Singapore back to Germany and less then seven days later departed for Japan. Trying to adjust my inner clock from GMT+8 to GMT+2, only to then adjust to GMT+9 within a week seemed not really worth it, so I decided to just live on my own “Tarek Central Time” for a week. While sleep schedule shenanigans haven’t worked out great for me in the past, going to bed at around 16:00 and waking up between 0:00 and 2:00 ended up being a success.

A few minor inconveniences:

  • Food planning was kind of a hassle. If shops open at around 8, this means it’s 2 in the afternoon for your. So no buying food for breakfast or lunch. You have to plan ahead.
  • Constantly converting in your head between “my time” and “other people time”/”real time” can become confusing at times.
  • Plans made before the decision to live on a weird time have to be adjusted. For me that meant re-scheduling my train to Frankfurt as well as the time of my pre-departure PCR test.
  • Basically the first point again, but I realized quite late that my hotel breakfast in Frankfurt would be my lunch … so more planning ahead needed.

In the end though I arrived in Japan with no need to adjust to the time difference. :)