r--漢字 — 200+

@100+ “I’d be surprised if there weren’t more updates to come in the future.”

… and here’s the fist one of them.

100 kanji, 113 words, 120 days since the last checkpoint.

Round about the same time span. Nothing super insightful to point out in terms of vocabulary sources though — books, TV, podcasts, YouTube, Tiktok, and the odd “oh yeah I actually already know this” like 餃子, 焼売, and 小籠包. As for observations, for a few kanji that I find super easy to remember (like ) I hesitated for a moment to add them to my recognition and recall deck because that wouldn’t bring be closer to the next recognition only checkpoint which I’d clearly reach faster than the recognition and recall 2200+ (should I ever reach that at all … I’m at 2138 currently). Regardless of the deck, reaching an overall 2500+ would be nice. :)