r--漢字 — 300+

99 kanji, 119 words, 112 days since the last checkpoint.

And again, round about the same time span. I highly doubt I’ll reach 400+ in another four months, though. This time—especially towards the end—felt like I was pushing the limits of what I currently feel makes sense to put on flashcards and actively study. Maybe if I start putting names and their most common readings into the mix? Or 旧字体 like , , etc.? We’ll see. In any case, currently being at a combined 2,444 considering both recognition only and recognition+recall, I’ll definitely find some way to justify another 56 across the two decks. ^_^
Vocabulary sources this time were mostly books, but I still had a surprising amount of “oh yeah I actually already know this” moments. For example , , and .
Key observation this time: the stupid Magicka power-up images I stitched together for this series are annoyingly motivating. I really want to post the 400+ one but I’m not sure if I’ll get there without creating a bunch of Anki cards that aren’t of much actual use. ^_^’