r--漢字 — 400+

@300+ “I highly doubt I’ll reach 400+ in another four months.”

… well, make it two and a half then.

103 kanji, 131 words, 79 days since the last checkpoint.

The stupid Magicka power-up images are too tempting. I even created an additional one for a milestone that’s likely to come up within the next weeks or months. In any case—besides self-imposed rules and motivating milestones, this time 干支 served as a source of a few more kanji, there’s food and cooking stuff like 杓子, 炙る and 燗酒, as well as still a non-negligible amount of kanji in the “oh yeah I actually already know this” category, like 珈琲 and 麒麟.

This time I’m calling it though. No 500+ in the foreseeable future, but one more Magicka power-up flavored post so come soon. :)