99 kanji, 256 words, 36 days; Anki stats, kanji so far.

Almost keeping pace during lectures and stuff seems to work out so far.

Apart from vocabulary and more interesting at that: living in a larger city now, I'm surrounded with plenty of opportunity for tandem language learning and socializing with Japanese people in general. At the moment I go with two weekly tandem sessions — each of which with a Japanese exchange student.

Given that I hardly spoke any Japanese for about a year and only had very simple conversations in class before that I struggle a lot. On the other hand, since I have quite a large vocabulary to draw on it's mostly constructing sentences spontaneously which holds me back and I'm making recognizable progress in that regard. Pronunciation causes no problems, nontrivial grammar slowly finds its way into my sentence patterns, listening comprehension is still tough. In any case it's really fun to be able to apply what I've learned so far in real conversations with natives. And getting more and more comfortable with verbally expressing thoughts in a new language is awesome. :3


101 kanji, 286 words, 34 days; Anki stats, kanji so far.

Keeping the pace for now. Moving and stuff was not really time consuming. Lectures will start next week, we'll see how that'll influence my progress.


98 kanji, 301 words, 34 days; Anki stats, kanji so far.

Close to 100/30 and a nice word/kanji ratio — I'm fine with that. Maybe I'll get to 1300 before Oct 13th, which is when my master's starts. In any case I'll have to deal with moving and stuff before that. Hopefully that won't slow me down a lot. We'll see. :)