Bad-ass movielist

Level up! for the cinephile. I rebuilt/improved my movielist. : )

The old list contained title, year and duration in a rather mediocre conceived notation. Now I note title, year and IMDb id. The first two to still have something human readable and independent from external sources, the third to gather all further data.

To access the IMDb page I use IMDBPHP, but the methods to sort out the data (rating, runtime, director, etc.) are self written. Since the process of accessing every single IMDb page (one for each movie) takes quite some time, my script saves all information as well as the image in a cache folder.

The list can be accessed here.


Stop motion — a first try

Took me about 90 minutes to take the pictures.

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You are leaving the internet

Using a forum that has one of these redirection pages for external links that tells you, that you're leaving the site, I lately thought of annoying others by repetitively pasting the link to the redirection page linking to itself before the actual site I was linking to. You'd have to wait for a series of useless pseudo redirections or copy the actual link manually.

Then, however, I thought you could do something way cooler with "You are leaving"-pages from different sites. You could create a tour, leaving one page after the other — you could be: leaving the internet.

See you soon!

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