CLI Love, Speedcubing, Half-Life, etc.

Got some stuff that I could have mentioned ... so: combo post!

CLI Love

I took some time to test some alternatives to the software I use on a daily basis. I dropped the window manager awesome for spectrwm — a lot less crappy configuration, even more minimalistic and quite another approach to multi screen handling (still have to fully get used to it, but seems usable).
Furthermore I switched from PCManFM to ranger ♥ and finally moved on from VLC media player to mpd + ncmpc for music and SMPlayer for video matters.


I attended a speedcubing competition ... just for fun. Now I have this fancy page with official results at the World Cube Association. I'm pretty happy with the results as my times really are that inconsistent and I got rather nervous when it got official. I can do sub 30s, but that's only lucky exceptions.


I wondered how long it would take me to play through Half-Life, so I gave it a shot:
and recorded the hole thing

.XCompose kana input

I extended my .XCompose file to now also support katakana instead of hiragana only and added some punctuation that was still missing.

Poral chibi portrait

Alisa created this awesome Portal themed chibi portrait of me that's now accompanying this blog post. :3 Here's her website — read the "very soon" in a vaporware-ish "when it's done" kind of way. :D


Deutsche Bahn ticket machines - hidden buttons

A few weeks ago I noticed something strange about the ticket machines of Deutsche Bahn. Normally, if you miss to hit a button, a red dot on the touch screen indicates where your "click" was recognized. But when viewing the Verkehrsverbund* section and "missing" on certain spots on the upper left and upper right corner of the screen, you saw an hourglass cursor for a short moment.
Being in curiosity mode I had to test if I could provoke a feedback of some kind. And in fact, rarely the screen was like flashing as I was rapidly clicking on both spots simultaneously.
After playing around a bit more I found out that there are two "four click combinations" that will bring up a screen with some information: left, left, right, right gives you the application and system version; left, left, right, left a hole bunch more version data, the location of the machine and whatnot.
At the point where I had found the first working combination and began trying out others I kind of felt like in a good old point and click adventure. :D Thanks for the entertainment, Deutsche Bahn. ^^

Here's a video of each of the screens:
left, left, right, right
left, left, right, left

*An association of public transport authorities.


Site update

The renovation cat must have sent it's friend. — I used the last two days to update the site a bit.

Blog section is now full width, manually chosen permalinks have been replaced by hashes, content has been restructured, the design changed a bit, spam protection is now done with reCAPTCHA, etc.
Future plans are to build the site so that it functions perfectly fine w/o JavaScript but, when enabled, makes good use of its benefits, heavily extend the interests section as implied there, etc. However, I guess it's going to take a while until I really find the time to make noticable changes again. I have a lot less free time than I'm used to atm and that's not going to change until February or so. :/

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