Movielist changes + service

The first implementation of my movielist made use of IMDBPHP, a third party API thingy. I now finally got rid of it and wrote my own code. Not that IMDBPHP would have been bad in any way, it just was way to heavyweight for what I used it for. Additionally I created a little HTTP service which can be fed with an IMDb ID and a specification of information type via GET parameters to receive a plain text answer.
Since both the service and parts of the movielist use fsockopen() — which is disabled on — I have to host them on
Besides: Vim syntax highlighting (with background set to dark) is just sexy. <3


Kill process by name (or: what pkill already does)

Whenever I wanted to terminate a program by force I used ps -A | grep PROGNAME, read the process id and then executed sudo kill PID. Now I wrote a one line bash script making things easier — reducing the required effort by half:

sudo kill `ps -A | grep $1 | grep -Eo '[0-9]{3,4}'`

Also usable as a one line command which requires one to enter the program's name afterwards:

read x;sudo kill `ps -A | grep $x | grep -Eo '[0-9]{3,4}'`

The first version, however, is much more convenient. I stored it as nkill in /usr/bin/ which enables me to for example kill firefox with nkill firefox or kill all open terminals with nkill xterm.

Update: Uhm ... yeah ... I just learned that pkill does just that. :D

tags: linux


Proper subsequent loading of content

On today's schedule:
light exercises in JavaScript, regular expressions and Vim. :D

I finally managed to grant my Elfen Lied content base a proper functionality to load content on demand. The full page contains images worth >60MB. Combined with slow speed due to free webspace you end up with a browsing experience of pure "meh ...". Until now I only hid collapsed content and displayed it on demand. Now expanding and collapsing really means loading the content and removing it. Not only hiding and displaying while loading it anyway.

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