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UML — and how to have fun with it

When you start learning UML and, at first, find it rather annoying and useless, gradually, however, become aware of its usefulness but during that process never stop dealing with it with a lot of humor, then you might end up using domain class diagrams just like that.

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Catching up

Since my last blog post several things happened that I could have mentioned here, but I somehow never got around doing so. Therefore I'm now doing a chatch-up post:


A day after I wrote the "Parkour / Freerunning / Movement"-post I attended the parkour theme workshop by Parkour Stuttgart, which was a great experience. These workshops are organized every first saturday of each month. Anyone can attend and it's for free. Also worth mentioning: I got into some serios double kong action lately. ^^

Mawaru Penguindrum

If you happen to be a fan of Mawaru Penguindrum these two things might be for you. First: I rebuilt the penguin head icon that members of KIGA group have on their shirts as a vector graphic. Here's a making off (I used Inkscape). You can get the SVG file here. Second: if you'd like to browse through awesome Mawaru Penguindrum fanart take a look at what has to offer. It's nothing but amazing. A four-digit count of really great pictues only on Mawaru Penguindrum. :O

A first attempt in social engineering

On November 24th Furtwangen University (that's where I study) had a special day for exchange between companies and students. The companies have stands in the hallways and lecture rooms where they introduce themselves. Students walk around to gather information relevant for a practical semester or thesis and harvest giveaways, mostly pens. One of the companies present was OXID eSales, they make online shops with PHP. The cool thing at their stand was, that they had t-shirts with PHP code (and their logo ofc) on them which they gave away for free. I quite like PHP, I had to get one of them, so did some of my fellow students. We continued our raid for pens ...
Then I realized something. The t-shirts that OXID gave away where exactly the same t-shits that their employees wore at their stand. I continued on that thought: people wearing such a shirt standing at their stand are thought to be OXID employees and they're asked questions about the company by students that walk by. I now possess such a shirt ...
By now you probably figured out what I was about to do. I asked one of my mates what he thought about temporarily becoming and OXID employee. He liked the idea, we put the t-shirts on and headed off to OXID. In the end the area around the stand wasn't quite crowded enough for the plan to succeed, but the OXID employees that spotted us "supporting their team" happened to find it amusing what we did. As you can see they even took a picture of us at their stand.


At university we had a team that took part in The UCSB iCTF, an international capture the flag event. The competition was great. The way it was set up allowed members like me, that aren't that skilled when it comes to IT security, to also contribute to the progress of one's team. I was particularly amused by a challenge that I was able to solve thanks to my occasional visits of /b/. Here's a picture of the challenge. Do you know the answer? If not, take a look at this.

If that post gave you cancer go ahead and write a comment to tell me so!



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