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I always was that kind of guy who just has to jump over things, climb stuff and find physical challenges whenever being outside. Gone photographing, spotting some stones ... "Hold the camera please, I want to jump over these." And so I did. "Do you think I could do this with one jump from standing position?", "Wait, let's try to climb up there!" ... you get the idea. ; )

Yet, what I didn't have was some kind of sport that I did. As a kid I was in a gymnastics club. I quit at the age of 12, I guess, and then, for a long, long time ... nothing. At 19 I tried to get into tricking but it didn't really work out. Tricking to me still is one of the — if not the — most beautiful expression of movement, though.
Early this year I got into slacklining, which I still like a lot and do occasionally. But what got me super excited the moment I started was parkour. Or freerunning, or whatever may describe it best what I'm doing. I really don't care a lot about definitions and categories. As long as it isn't necessary to rate or compare within a discipline you don't need to restrict yourself to a certain set of operations or comply to any regulations. And since I'm not driven by the thought "I wan't to be good at parkour" but instead "I wan't to do what makes me happy and what I think is fun" I just do that: moving and improving — in whatever way I like to. : )

What I find particularly interesting regarding parkour is the philosophy that developed around it. First there is the thought "never stop playing" and I couldn't identify more with it. Second there is the idea of creatively using (urban) spaces which I really like. It makes parkour kind of an art that's reaching into the spehre of everyday public life. Third there is this search for efficiency in not only movement but also thinking. It's really a whole bunch of good ideas and interestinng thought that comes along with parkour.

On top of that — one last incredibly important thing — the people are great. From what I've experienced so far, people that are into parkour tend to be extremely supportive, nice, open minded and fun. You'll get help if you need, everyone will encourage each other to try new things. It's just a great environment that supports one's authenticity.

Thus at the moment I'm a bit obsessed with parkour, freerunning, movement in genereal. May it remain like this for a long, long time. : )

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Jae Rhim Lee's mushroom burial suit

Watch it! Think about it!
Wonderfully reasonable dealing with death. <3

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Facebook, three stages of infantilizing

Stage 1

The "News Feed" is divided into "Top news" and "Most recent".
The so called "Top News" are a filtered version of all the news that come up. What is presented to you is, among other things I guess, based on the amount of likes and replies a status update or other news item gets.
If you don't want facebook to decide what news you get to see: only view "Most recent"

Stage 2

The news feed section "Most recent" has the option "Show posts from:" which can be set to "Friends and pages you interact with the most" or "All of your friends and pages".
Again ... Facebook filters. This time according to the amout of interaction you had with the persons in your contact list via Facebook.

Stage 3

For every person in your contact list you lately have a so called subscription. The default setting for such a subsbsription is "Most Updates". (Options are "All updates", "Most Updates" and "Only Important").
And again: why should the user care about all updates and decide for himself, what is important to him and what is not? Let's change the news feed and again cut out stuff that we — Facebook — think is unimportant. Argh, I hate it!

Personalized filtering is an interesting thing and, in my humble opinion, even necessary in our days of information oversupply. But I really can not stand it when service providers by default hold back information, filter your input, infantilize their users.

To be fair: it's nice that Facebook at least let's you change the filtering — I don't want to know how much filtering is done without us knowing about it. But neither have I stumbled across an option to set the default for all subscriptions to "All updates" yet, nor am I inclined to change this for all my Facebook contacts manually.


What the ...?! Less than two hours after I blogged this:

Fuck your goddamn preselection! I want fucking ALL my news in fucking chronological order. *facebookrage*

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