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UML — and how to have fun with it

When you start learning UML and, at first, find it rather annoying and useless, gradually, however, become aware of its usefulness but during that process never stop dealing with it with a lot of humor, then you might end up using domain class diagrams just like that.

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Stop motion — a first try

Took me about 90 minutes to take the pictures.

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You are leaving the internet

Using a forum that has one of these redirection pages for external links that tells you, that you're leaving the site, I lately thought of annoying others by repetitively pasting the link to the redirection page linking to itself before the actual site I was linking to. You'd have to wait for a series of useless pseudo redirections or copy the actual link manually.

Then, however, I thought you could do something way cooler with "You are leaving"-pages from different sites. You could create a tour, leaving one page after the other — you could be: leaving the internet.

See you soon!

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"And then, one day, I got in!" (quote from Tron: Legacy)
— And you should come in, too!
I've been playing around with Google+ for three days now. Aside from the fact, that Google+ is made by Google, which is reason enough to join, I have to say I really like it. Yes it is quite simmilar to Facebook, but hey: it's a social network and at the moment Facebook is by far the most successful one. If Google+ wasn't quite like Facebook it had to be ... revolutionary — which it is not. But it definitely is woth trying out and as soon as the integration of other Google services is pushed forward, the answer to the question "Which social network should I use?" is, not only based on image but also based on functionality, Google+.

Interesting stuff: Inside Google Plus (a German blog) and Google+ Tips and Tricks (a collaborative document).

If you want to be invited: just send me your e-mail address. ; )

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