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CLI Love, Speedcubing, Half-Life, etc.

Got some stuff that I could have mentioned ... so: combo post!

CLI Love

I took some time to test some alternatives to the software I use on a daily basis. I dropped the window manager awesome for spectrwm — a lot less crappy configuration, even more minimalistic and quite another approach to multi screen handling (still have to fully get used to it, but seems usable).
Furthermore I switched from PCManFM to ranger ♥ and finally moved on from VLC media player to mpd + ncmpc for music and SMPlayer for video matters.


I attended a speedcubing competition ... just for fun. Now I have this fancy page with official results at the World Cube Association. I'm pretty happy with the results as my times really are that inconsistent and I got rather nervous when it got official. I can do sub 30s, but that's only lucky exceptions.


I wondered how long it would take me to play through Half-Life, so I gave it a shot:
and recorded the hole thing

.XCompose kana input

I extended my .XCompose file to now also support katakana instead of hiragana only and added some punctuation that was still missing.

Poral chibi portrait

Alisa created this awesome Portal themed chibi portrait of me that's now accompanying this blog post. :3 Here's her website — read the "very soon" in a vaporware-ish "when it's done" kind of way. :D